Monday, 1 February 2010

Boy Stuff

No posting in months and now two in two days....I'm doing good eh?

I bet you didn't expect another post so soon, I didn't think I'd post so soon again either but as the Mam of now 2 boys, I am constantly surrounded by sewing patterns for lovely girly dresses and tops and skirts ands other cute filly accessories and frustratingly few patterns for boys ( or very few I'd ever want to make for them anyway) and it seems I'm not alone.

Made and Made by Rae blog are hosting a special Celebrate The Boy Month with daily patterns and ideas for boys stuff...hurrah, how exciting. I especially like 90minute T-shirt Pattern on Made today and modelled by such a cute little boy too, I am definately going to make this one, sometime when I have a spare hour or so......
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Aileen Clarke Crafts said...

I think your array of vehicles above would make a great Phat Sheep Textile design, done in the style of the cottages and jumpers : )

PhatSheep Textiles said...

Thanks, think with two boys in teh ouse its definately time I designed some sort of car/tractor/plane prints :)