Friday, 16 January 2009

Tiny shoes for tiny toes

Above are some new products I have been working on over the past days and I'm quite pleased how they turned out, there is a lot of cutting and sewing in these little shoes, see photo below:

But worth it, I think, although I'm not sure I'll be saying that after I've had to make dozens of them........ This pair are headed for the etsy shop.
Thanks to everyone who has signed up for the button swap, I think we have 14 participants at the moment, theres one week left to sign up so I hope there will be a few more sign ups. Those of you who have signed up if you haven't already e-mailed (e-mail addy is in the 'important but serious bit' in the side bar of the blog) with your name and address can you do that sometime before the 25th January so I can tell your swap partner where to send your parcel.
I hope some of you tired the fimo buttons in the tutorials in the last post, I'll be back with some more button making tutorials soon.


isa maria said...

The baby shoes are so cute! They look great in that fabric.

Cicada Studio said...

Very sweet!

Dawn said...