Saturday, 31 January 2009

Swap update and more tutorials

Image sourced from Flickr Madeby Beag's photostream

Most of you should have received an e-mail yesterday with your swap partners info, if you didn't then its either because I haven't got your contact details yet or I have missed you out, I do hope I haven't done that, it certainly wasn't intentional but trying to co-ordinate partners with a toddler pretending to be the andrex puppy with all the toilet rolls in the cupboard is a little distracting! So if you haven't received a swap partner then please get in touch and I'll sort it out.

I've been looking into some other tutorials and buttony interestingness.

and instructions for crocheting buttons:

and lastly I should direct you to swap participant incywincystitches blog where she is giving away some super cute free embroidery patterns for buttons.
If anybody know of any other good button making tutorials please post the link to them below.


Tip Top said...

Yep - got all the details I need - thank you!!! The 'Andrex puppy' is being creative!! I also have two just like that!

Good luck and happy crafting to all other participants!

incywincy said...

Thanks for the link ;) ... Very happy with my swap partner! And look forward to seeing everyones creations. x

Marquita said...

Thank you for sharing the tutorials! If I find any others I'll come back here to post the links:-)