Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Tidy(ish) workshop

Ages ago I said I was clearing out my workshop, getting new furniture and tidying it up. I also said I'd let you see it when it was done. I'm sure you all thought that I'd forgotten, no, its just it was still too much of a mess! I have finally almost got up to date with orders and have had a chance to tidy up my little workspace so here are the pics. I had to take pics of it looking like this because it will never look this tidy again!!

Today I've been busy putting together an order for Fact and Fancy in Brooklyn, NYC and hope to get it mailed to them in the next few days. This will be my first shop outlet in the USA and I'm excited to see how PhatSheep products are received by the New York shoppers!

While browsing though the internet looking for a new sewing project for myself I found this rather odd but possibly strangely useful!?! tutorial, has anybody tried to do this?


raspberry said...

a duct tape version of me, that is too scary to even consider!!!

Miaou said...

OOoh lovely workshop, I'm so jealous! I have a cupboard with no window (gah)

Hmmm - the duct tape bust is a little spooky to look at, but what a good idea! A lot cheaper than buying a form I guess, and of course it's tailor-made ;-)