Sunday, 29 June 2008

Sunday Flickr Browsing

I could spend hours browsing through Flickr, here are some of my favourite things........ for today anyway!


Cicada Studio said...

Sea of hexagons just became one of my favorites, too!

I'm glad the meal worked out for you!!

My Baboo said...

I spent hours browsing round Touched By Scoland last month - lovely to see your work there!

PhatSheep Textiles said...

Cicada Studio: yep meal was yummy, looking forward to more of your recipies:)
My Baboo: Wow thats quite exciting! I've never been there, although I hear it is a lovely gallery. Really hoping to get there next time we are on the mainland for our hols:)

tillyboo said...

Ooh, yippee, that's my doorstop ! What a lovely surprise to see it on your blog, thanks so much

Miaou said...

Oh lovely stuff, I like all the things you picked and have favourited a few of them!

I came across your blog through 23beechhill (tillyboo above) - I love your prints, they are gorgeous! I'm from Caithness and they feel very "home" to me :-)