Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Quick update....

Its been too long between posts again, as always I've been busy, so here is a quick update:

My new fabrics came yipee!:



I've just completed an order and sent it off to Kirsteen Stewart in Orkney who is having a shop in Kirkwall over the summer months, heres a selection of items I sent off to her:

Shopper bags, Tea-Towels, Purses and Aprons

Its the first time I've used my new packaging and I think it's a big improvement, here is a close up, please ignore the fact that the tea-towels need ironing (oops)

I've sent off a package of goodies to Amy at Pikaland as I'm participating in the July Pikapackage, no pics of that though, you'll have to wait till Amy posts it up first! To learn about Project Pikapackage click here, its a great idea and I'm sure it will keep growing in popularity.

I've just posted off this tea-towel to the Nicholas Gallery in Cincinnati, USA, Its going to be part of the 'Mad Tea(Towel) Party' exhibition running there this summer:

And Now I'm busily making stock for the local Flavour of Shetland event next weekend, we will have a craft stall for 4 days, hope it's nice weather! I'm looking forward to it as it will be the first outing for many of my new designs and my new Birds print so it will be good to get feedback and learn what sells.

I'm looking forward to July when I hope to take some time off and enjoy the summer. I've signed up for a summer sac swap with pixiewinkle over at My Cosmopolitan Diary. I have to make a sac and fill it with bits and pieces from our summer travels and/or where we live so it is a good excuse to get out and explore Shetland a bit more and hopefully some of Scotland too!


Cicada Studio said...

Everything looks great! I love the packaging you've developed. What a neat idea for an exhibit. I will have to check in when they've posted some pics.

kindling said...

Your work is loverly, I look forward to seeing your goodies in the pikapackages! I have participated too - its exciting and a fun way to share.

Jacquie said...

Stumbled onto your fabrics on flickr. LOVE them. They would look fabulous in one of my quilts. Will you be selling any on etsy?