Sunday, 6 April 2008

News Update

Ooops another long time between posts,hope everybody had a lovely Easter, its been busy here again but thats no excuse!

I've been busy working on some new bag and purse designs:

Linen Coin Purse made with some lovely new linen I've managed to buy and some Fabric Scraps, I like the shape and wil try it again with some PhatSheep Fabric soon.

Completely new bag design again using the new linen and some cute Alexander Henry Fabric I bought from America, I've put this for sale in the Etsy shop, was very tempted to keep it for myself though:)

New shape and size of Linen tote with PhatSheep Fair Isle Jumper Print Fabric panel, the bag is squarer than the previous shopper bag design with longer handles and an inside pocket to fit a mobile phone. I've put this one up in the Etsy shop today and I'll be making more of them in both this Fair Isle Jumper design and the Croft design over the next few weeks.

Also I've been playing around on the sewing machine and these are some of the new applique designs I've been experimenting with:

For a pencil case

Mug of Tea


Seagull and Oyster Catcher

Thats all for just now but I promise I won't leave it a month before I post again!

1 comment:

Blooming said...

I love your new bag design, I'd be tempted to keep it myself too!
I found your blog through flickr. I love your printed textiles, absolutely gorgeous.