Monday, 28 March 2011

A Day at Sea Pattern

This is my entry for the Spoonflower & Michael Miller Fabrics Competition. The brief was to design a fabric suitable for a baby boy. There were about 1000 entries which will be whittled down to just 75 which go to a public vote, the top 10 of these then get a chance to design a whole fabric collection, which is then entered into another vote...Phew!
I've seen some of the entries and there are some very talented designers who have entered great designs. So while I have my fingers and toes crossed hoping that I make the top 75, I realise there are a whole lot of other people wishing the same for their entry!

I'll find out if I got through on the 31st so I'll let you know how i got on :)


Cheri C. said...

Thanks for sharing. I love spoonflower and I think this will make it through... I promise to vote if it does!!! WAY CUTE!!

Cheri C. said...

WAY CUTE!! I think this will make it through. I love spoonflower and will vote for this if it makes it through!!

Anonymous said...

Good luck with this, it's nice to see something for boys, there isn't too much around. My baby is nearly nine now, but he does like boats and fish, so he might like this.


Margarida said...

this is too cute!!!!!
really love it :-)