Saturday, 11 April 2009

Way to long between posts again.....

Oops where has time gone!? again its been far to long between blogging posts.

I have some exciting news, my partner and have signed the lease on a property on our local high street, we got the keys last week.... we are going to open our own little gallery and shop!!!! very exciting and a bit scary, seems like a very grown up thing to do.
During the last month there has been a lot of planning and now we've got the keys its re-decoration time, with all family members helping to fix up the property ready for our proposed opening in a few weeks time.
We've started a little blog about the gallery and shop, which we're going to call North Rock Gallery, you can check it our here.

So apologies if I've been a very absent blogger but I have been busy!

Also there are more fabrics listed in the Etsy shop and some more to follow shortly.

Lastly Happy Easter everyone :)


Jenny said...

Congratulations, good luck with your new venture..

Gemma Grace said...

Fantastic! Looking forward to hearing more about the Gallery.