Monday, 1 December 2008

Advent Calendar

Heres a purse I made as a one-off item to be submitted as part of an exhibition currently running at the Inverness Museum and Art Gallery

I love to do applique, but I prefer to do only one off projects or limited edition items as the idea that I would have to spend my days appliqueing the same thing over and over again is just to much for my brain to deal with!

If you are in or near Inverness in December I recommend you go and check out the exhibition, entitled 'The Homecoming Advent and Precious Cargo Exhibition'. The exhibition counts down to Scotland's Year of Homecoming, 2009, with a theme of migration, boats and the sea. It is an innovative installation of closed Cargo boxes, one of which opens every day over the festive period. Behind each window is a 'precious cargo' - a 'souvenir' which people carry with them on their travels, prompting memories and reminiscences of home.

I hope my cheery seabirds fit in with the theme! The exhibition sounds like it will be really unusual, I'm just dissapointed I won't get to see it myself. If any of you do go visit I'd love to hear what you thought of it.

Also I should mention this before I forget - I was lucky enough to have been blogged about by the lovely people at
Poppytalk while I was away, you can check out the post here.


Cicada Studio said...

How cute this is! Hmmm... what I wouldn't do for a little vacation in Scotland... only perhaps in the summertime :)

LollyChops said...

I absolutely love this little purse! It's really charming!