Monday, 20 October 2008


Yesterday was spent doing a photoshoot of new products, I'm currently working on an update and re-design of the phatsheep website, its nearly there now I have new photos so I hope to be able to launch the new site within the next fortnight - I've set myself a public deadline now so I'll have to finish it!

Can you spot the little hand reaching for the orange campervan, somebody got a bit fed up I was using his toys for props!
p.s Swatch packs of the new fabrics available for sale in the phatsheep fabrics etsy shop, I think they'd be great for small craft projects.


lusummers said...

these shots are beautiful - your kitchen is gorgeous as are your new fabrics and i want to nick your boots!!! x

PhatSheep Textiles said...

aw thanks, kitchen almost never looks this neat! and I love my winter boots too :)

My Baboo said...

Great photos, make your products look as if every home should have them.